Dawn’s Med Marijuana story. Well I never really had much in the way of health problems, so was not sure at first why I should take the Med Marijuana. I had seen the dramatic change in Hali’s health, and saw what it did for Mom and Dad, but was not sure what benefit I would get from it. But thought I should try it anyway. It is nature’s perfect food and has everything that our bodies need to survive, so I threw away my multi vitamins and started taking the Med Marijuana. I did not notice any differences right away. It took about 6 months and then I started to notice that my fingernails were nicer and stronger. My hair which has always been fine and limp was fuller and nicer. I had also had a brown spot on my face just off the side of my eye. It appeared a few years ago and looked like a giant freckle that was about the size of a dime. About a year after taking the Med Marijuana I noticed it start to fade, then a few months later it was completely gone.

 Hi, my name is Aleta and this is my road to getting going on the medical cannabis. Taking CBD took a lot of thinking because I had never ever in my life tried any kind of drugs. But, at this point, I was on 12 prescription medications for migraines and still spent 3, sometimes 4, days a week in complete blackness. I had also just overcome stomach cancer.So, I was starting to sell Scentsy at farmer's markets and the first one was Spruce View. Iwas set up next to the medical cannabis table, the ladies there were awesome. The more I heard about the product the more interested I became. So one afternoon I wandered over and asked a few questions. They answered them all and gave me some information.I read through it and did some more research and decided by the next week that I would give it a try. I've never looked back, and I'm off all of my prescription medications for the migraines. I was also in a serious accident on August 12 of this year and have 3 cracked discs in myback and all I'm taking for the pain is the cannabis. Since then, I have started selling the product and I have customers all over the place. I have the product in one store and am working on getting it in another. I will continue to promote this amazing product and I couldn't be working under two better girls than I am

A review from a happy customer. "After struggling to find medication that helped with my digestive issues, I started taking the med marijuana pills. I noticed some huge changes within the first week, plus no nasty side effects, like I was used to with other pills! Not only did it help with my digestive problems, it has really boosted my energy levels!" A.R.

MY Journey - April 2016, I was taking 1 to 2 Celebrex a day to help with my arthritic pain and inflammation.

This link will help you understand why I was looking for an alternative treatment. https://www.drugs.com/celebrex.html

I began taking 3 capsules of MM Cannabis Sativa Oil a day, along with Celebrex, after 30 days, not noticing much pain difference, I upped my dosage to 5/day. Within 1 week, I was pain FREE!
You can imagine my reaction, the pain was gone!

Within the next week or so I discontinued the Celebrex. (Since that time I refilled the Celebrex prescription once and have taken 6 capsules - at times I felt the inflammation was not being controlled.)
I also have made adjustments one by one to what used to be a extensive vitamin routine.
I now am aware of foods my body requires and have replaced vitamins with food and upped my water consumption.
I am proud to say at 62, I do not take any prescriptions.
I feel along with the pain relief, the balance of Omegas have also improved my general feeling of well being. Less mood swings, improved sleep and probably other things I have not pin pointed.

With all the feed back I received, I know most people can benefit in 1 way or another from this product.